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Burke Line

Jan Ann Burke

Born November 25 1960, Durant Oklahoma. Daughter of Chalres Leon Burke and Mary Hawley.

Charles Leon Burke

Born September 25, 1935 Cushing Oklahoma son of Charles Lee Burke and Opal Paris Cheesman.

Charles Lee Burke

Ancestors of Charles Lee Burke

Generation No. 1

1. Charles Lee Burke, born April 09, 1911 in Perry, Oklahoma; died December 01, 1996 in Cushing, Oklahoma. He was the son of 2. Stephen A. (Doug Burke) Burk and 3. Alwilda (Allie) Webb. He married (1) Opal Paris Cheesman May 13, 1932 in Cushing Oklahoma, Payne County. She was born February 14, 1912 in Kellyville Oklahoma, and died March 20, 2001 in Cushing, Ok. She was the daughter of Delbert Ray Cheesman and Rachel Elvara Glenn.

Notes for Charles Lee Burke:
Charles worked for the Cushing news paper for many year. He started as a small boy.

More About Charles Lee Burke:
Burial: Fairlawn Cenetery, Cushing Oklahoma

More About Opal Paris Cheesman:
Burial: Fairlawn Cemetery, Cushing, Oklahoma

Generation No. 2

2. Stephen A. (Doug Burke) Burk, born March 16, 1879 in Marion, County Mo.; died January 23, 1953 in Cushing, Oklahoma. He was the son of 4. Burk and 5. Ida M. Kennedy. He married 3. Alwilda (Allie) Webb May 05, 1901 in Payne County, Oklahoma.
3. Alwilda (Allie) Webb, born November 04, 1882 in Moline Kansas, Elk County; died September 21, 1971 in Cushing, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of 6. William Fredrick Webb and 7. Olive Baker.

Notes for Stephen A. (Doug Burke) Burk:
Changed his name to Douglas Burke. Bible records show Stephen to be born in Mendota IL. Death Certi. says born Emerson, Marion County, Mo.

Note-unable to locate Stephen father. All census records shows his father was born in Ireland. When Stephen was 1 year old he was living with his mother Ida and his grand father George B. Kennedy. No record of marriage in Marion or Lewis County Mo. unable to locate marriage records in IL.

More About Stephen A. (Doug Burke) Burk:
Burial: Zion Cemetery, Cushing Ok.
Occupation: Painter

Notes for Alwilda (Allie) Webb:
Went by the name Allie webb born Alwilda Webb born Nov. 12th 1882 Moline, KS. USA. She moved to Oklahoma in 1900 on the Oklahoma land rush. they settled in Glencoe Ok. near Stillwater, OK. Allie Died Sept. 12th, 1945 in Cushing Ok. Buried in Fairlawn Cemetery. Allie Married Stephen A. Burk. Know as Douglas S.A. Burke. Allie worked very hard and was a loving mother. She died of Cancer. It was said they when she died she didnt have one grey hair and not one line in her face when she passed.

More About Alwilda (Allie) Webb:
Burial: Fairlawn Cemetery, Cushing Oklahoma

Children of Stephen Burk and Alwilda Webb are:
i. Viola Burke, born January 15, 1902 in Clayton Township Oklahoma; died July 26, 1972; married Minor Warthen; born Unknown; died Unknown.
ii. Elton Burke, born September 05, 1903 in Perkins Oklahoma; died February 05, 1987 in Washington; married Mary Ethel Wilkinson April 15, 1939.
iii. Beulah Burke, born December 03, 1904 in Perkins Oklahoma; died November 27, 1970 in Cushing ok; married Clarance Hammon; born Unknown; died Unknown in Cushing oklahoma.

More About Beulah Burke:
Burial: Fair Lawn Cem.

More About Clarance Hammon:
Burial: Fair Lawn Cem.

iv. Elsie Burke, born September 19, 1908 in Perry Oklahoma; died October 13, 1985 in Cushing ok; married (1) Paul Luce; born Unknown; died Unknown; married (2) Bill Peet.
1 v. Charles Lee Burke, born April 09, 1911 in Perry, Oklahoma; died December 01, 1996 in Cushing, Oklahoma; married Opal Paris Cheesman May 13, 1932 in Cushing Oklahoma, Payne County.
vi. Howard Burke, born June 21, 1913 in Rich Hill Mo; died August 14, 1978 in Healdton, Oklahoma; married Stella Burke; born May 04, 1916 in Arkansas; died November 28, 1995 in Healdton, Oklahoma.
vii. Myrtle Burke, born December 26, 1915 in Cushing ok; died March 06, 1984; married Ferman Smith; born Unknown; died Unknown.
viii. Bobby Burke, born January 24, 1920 in Cushing ok; died August 19, 1982; married Ileene Pendegraff; born Unknown; died Unknown.

Generation No. 3

4. Burk, died Bet. 1878 - 1882 in Lewis County Mo.. He married 5. Ida M. Kennedy Abt. 1878 in Mo.
5. Ida M. Kennedy, born June 27, 1861 in Lewis County, Mo.; died April 22, 1935 in Washington County, Oregon. She was the daughter of 10. George B. Kennedy and 11. Sarah A. Kenoyer.

Notes for Burk:
I have a new paper article that states he was murder in Lewis county Mo. between 1878-1882 by hs father in-law. The Kennedy family was living in Durham at this time.

More About Ida M. Kennedy:
Burial: April 24, 1935, HIGHLAND CEMETERY, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Census: 1930, Washington County, Oregon

Child of Burk and Ida Kennedy is:
2 i. Stephen A. (Doug Burke) Burk, born March 16, 1879 in Marion, County Mo.; died January 23, 1953 in Cushing, Oklahoma; Stepchild; married (1) Alwilda (Allie) Webb May 05, 1901 in Payne County, Oklahoma; married (2) Tula Selig January 23, 1936 in Cushing Oklahoma Payne County.

6. William Fredrick Webb, born September 08, 1842 in London, England; died April 08, 1924 in Perry Ok., Noble County. He married 7. Olive Baker February 13, 1873 in Howard County, Kansas.
7. Olive Baker, born April 24, 1851 in Wyoming, Lee County, IL.; died February 18, 1934 in Elk City, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of 14. David Baker and 15. Rebecca Abell.

Notes for William Fredrick Webb:
William Webb was born September 8, 1842 in London, England. He died April 8, 1924 and was buried in Grace Hill Cem. in Perry Noble County, Oklahoma. *His stone says W.M. Webb. He supposedly stowed away from England when he was 12 years old. He was a farmer, teamster and a bank janitor. Died of cancer of the neck.

I found the land records in Perry where William and Cynthia bought 20 lots in the town of Perry for 300.00 and sold them for 3000.00. I have Photos of where William had worked in a Bank in Perry. I also have a photo of William.

More About William Fredrick Webb:
Burial: Grace Hill Cemetery
Census: 1875, Elk County Kansas
Immigration: 1863, From England to Us
Naturalization: 1864
Occupation: 1910, Teamster

Notes for Olive Baker:
In the 1900 Federal Census Glencoe Township, Payne County, OK says Olive Webb was age 49 born in 1851 birthplace Illinois and states Father born in Maine and Mother born in Canada.

Olive divorced William Webb around 1896. She married a man named ? Rucker. I found Olive on a special census that was taken for Oklahoma Terr. She was listed with her children under the name Rucker and no husband. She was listed 1898, 1900, 1901. This film is located in the Stillwater Library in Payne County Oklahoma. On July 26, 1901 Olive Rucker filed for Homestead. On Sept. 13 1901 Olive listed as Olive Fearn wife of Joseph Fearn formaly Olive Rucker sold the land in Glencoe Section two in Township Twenty North of range Three East containing 80 acers, to Charles Tucker. *note the payne County court house had burned in the 1890-1900 time period. Most of the marriage records and divorce records were burned. I found no marriage records or divorce records for Olive. I did find the census and land records. After she sold the land she and Joseph moved to western Oklahoma. I have a copy of her death certi. and obit.

More About Olive Baker:
Burial: Fairlawn Cemetery, Elk City, Oklahoma
Census: 1900, Glenco, Payne County, OK.

Children of William Webb and Olive Baker are:
i. George Frances Webb, born February 24, 1874 in Howard Kansas, Elk County; died April 25, 1935 in Autry Twp., Noble County, Oklahoma; married Jessie Ann Focht January 02, 1903 in Payne County ok; born August 09, 1882 in Gage County, NE; died January 02, 1975 in Noble County, Oklahoma.

More About George Frances Webb:
Burial: Fairlawn Cemetery in Stillwater, Payne County, OK
Census: 1920, Payne County, Ok

More About Jessie Ann Focht:
Burial: Fairlawn Cemetery in Stillwater, Payne County, OK

ii. Edward E. Webb, born 1875 in Moline Kansas, Elk County; died 1959 in Elk City, Oklahoma.

Notes for Edward E. Webb:
went by the name Bert

More About Edward E. Webb:
Burial: Fairlawn Cemetery, Elk City, Oklahoma
Residence: 1920, Elk City, Ok. Beckham County

iii. William Frederick Webb, born July 30, 1877 in Moline Kansas; died January 21, 1951 in Tulsa Oklahoma; married Bell Caldwell January 01, 1901 in Payne County ok; born 1886 in Kansas.

More About William Frederick Webb:
Burial: Grace Hill cemetery, Perry Oklahoma, Noble County
Census: 1920, Census in Noble county Oklahoma
Church: member of the Nazarene Church
Occupation: Friscoe Rail Road
Retirement: 1933, Friscoe Rail Road

iv. Marrah Lewey Webb, born March 09, 1879 in Moline Kansas; died December 31, 1968 in Los Angeles, CA; married Harrison Verdon Kiger August 02, 1896 in Morrison, OK.
v. Jessie Olive Webb, born January 27, 1881 in Moline Kansas; died March 03, 1963 in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA, USA; married (1) Emmett Hargrove; born November 09, 1891 in Arkansas, US; died February 07, 1976 in Fresno,, CA, USA; married (2) Henry Francis Hoggatt February 05, 1900 in Payne County ok; born January 03, 1866 in Sullivan, Moultrie, IL, USA; died May 11, 1925 in Pawnee, Pawnee, Oklahoma, USA.

Notes for Jessie Olive Webb:
Olive Webb was born January 27, 1881 in Moline, KS. She died March 3, 1963 in Van Nuys, CA. Hazel Hoggatt said "Mom was born near Waterloo, IA and Dad was born near Olney, IL. Olive married Henry Francis Hoggatt in 1897/1900 in Oklahoma. They were divorced and she married Emmett Hargrove. They were also divorced.

Payne county Marrige records state Jessie lived in Morrison and married in Payne County, Ok

Notes for Henry Francis Hoggatt:
Henry Hoggatt was born January 3, 1866 in Sullivan, IL. He died May 11, 1925 in Pawnee, OK. Gladys Hoggatt said "He came to the Oklahoma Territory from Illinois at the time of the opening of the Oklahoma Strip, just before the turn of the century. He was a laborer and moved houses and also did harvesting crops." His nickname was "Pat" and he lived in Perry, OK. Henry and Olive Hoggatt lived in Morrison, Noble, OK where all their children were born except for Hazel, who was born in Cleveland, Pawnee, OK and John, who was born in Perry, Noble, OK.

3 vi. Alwilda (Allie) Webb, born November 04, 1882 in Moline Kansas, Elk County; died September 21, 1971 in Cushing, Oklahoma; married Stephen A. (Doug Burke) Burk May 05, 1901 in Payne County, Oklahoma.
vii. David Arthur Webb, born September 11, 1884 in Elk County, Moline, Kansas; died September 21, 1971 in Logan County, Oklahoma; married Tommie UNK; born January 17, 1891; died December 01, 1982.

Notes for David Arthur Webb:
Married for 60 years

More About David Arthur Webb:
Burial: Crescent Cem. Logan County, Oklahoma
Census: 1910, Roger Mills County Oklahoma Barx Township
Occupation: Farmer

viii. Lvorena Webb, born 1887 in Moline Kansas, Elk County; married Berden.

Notes for Lvorena Webb:
Went by the name Lena

More About Lvorena Webb:
Residence: 1920, Melena Arkansas

Generation No. 4

10. George B. Kennedy, born Abt. 1827 in Christian County, KY.; died March 24, 1883 in Emerson, Marion County, Mo.. He married 11. Sarah A. Kenoyer January 09, 1859 in Adams County IL..
11. Sarah A. Kenoyer, born Abt. 1825 in Ohio.

Notes for George B. Kennedy:
Marriage Index IL. Adams county, George P. Kenedy married Hulda Hunsaker 12/15/1846. * Have orr. Marriage record, it is hard to determine what the middle intial is*.

Adams Count Census 1850, Burton Township, George W. Kennedy 23 born KY Blacksmith, wife Hulda 22 born IL. child John W. 4 mos. *Census clearly states George W. Kennedy*

Illinois State wide Marriage Index 1763-1900
Kennedy, G B to Kenoyer, Sarah A., Adams County 1/09/1859. *Note the divorce papers15 JUN 1868 in Quincy, Adams Co. IL. says Sarah E. Kennedy. Have Orr. marriage record it states Sarah A. Kenoyer.*

Census 1860 Lewis County Mo
Reel # M653-629 Page 268 Referance : Enumerated 19 Sept 1860, AD Rector, Ass't Marshal.

Kennedy G B 32 M Black Smith KY
Sarah 35 F OH
John William 10 M IL
Christina 8 F IL
Martha J. 5 F IL
Rosenna 1/3 F Mo

Illinois Civil War Veterans Serving in Mo.-
George B. Kennedy
Rank: Blacksmith Company: E
Regiment: 7 Mo US Cav
Residence: Lima, IL.
6'3 Black Hair Blue Eyes. Was disability discharged. Kick by a mule.
Munstered in Aug 17 1861 at Warsaw. Was discharged April 30th 1862 due to injury.

1870 Adams County census, Columbus Township: George Kennedy 49 Blacksmith born NC, wife Margaret 27 born OH.

1880 Census Marion County Mo., Round Grove TownShip, Emerson. June 1880
Kennedy, Geo 54 Ky Blacksmith Father born Ky. Mother born Ky.
Margie 36 IL House wife
Burk, Ida M. 20 IL Dauther Widow
Burk, Stephen A. 1 Mo Grandson

Marion County, Mo 1883 Pensioners on the Roll-
Certificate No 38592 Name: Geo. B. Kennedy, Post Office: Emerson, Cause for which pensioned: injury to abdomen, Monthly Rate: 8.00

Source: George B Kennedy was killed 24 March 1883 by Henry C. Williams at Emerson, MO. Articles is from PALMYRA SPECTATOR and the Marion County Harold. Henry served 15 years in prison for the murder (Per court records from the Mo. Archives) Williams wife Amanda E., divorced him May 19, 1884. I have a copy of two atricles about the murder. Email me if you need them. One article states the George Kennedy got into a fight with his son-in-law and killed him in Lewis county Mo. This was Ida Kennedy first husband ? Burk.

More About George B. Kennedy:
Census: 1850, Adams County IL, Burton Township
Military service: Bet. 1861 - 1862, Civil War. 7 Mo., Cav., Vou., Company E," Black Hawk"
Pension Record: 1883, Certi: No. 38592 injury to abdomen 8.00 per mo.

Children of George Kennedy and Sarah Kenoyer are:
i. Rosenna Kennedy, born 1860; died Unknown.
5 ii. Ida M. Kennedy, born June 27, 1861 in Lewis County, Mo.; died April 22, 1935 in Washington County, Oregon; married (1) James W. Stout; married (2) Burk Abt. 1878 in Mo; married (3) James William Shumate August 17, 1883 in Lewis County Mo.